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New Inspirations Art Contest

Welcome to the New Inspirations Art Contest. Thank you for coming!

As an artist and creative thinker, one of my favorite activities is brainstorming and sharing new ideas. Now I'd like to do that with you. I'd also like to give you the chance of winning a beautiful work of art. 

I have recently created a new form of art and I'm looking for interesting ways to promote it. Share with me your creative insights, your outside the box ideas. Yes, I know I can post them on Facebook and Instagram and other social networking sites, but that's not what I'm after. I'm seeking something new.

As with any such endeavours leading to great invention, there are no bad ideas, so please don't clog up your genius, let whatever comes, come, it's all welcome. Great ideas often begin as ridiculous ones.

Here is the new art. They are non functioning abstract guitars. They are not working instruments. The first two are in the theme of Led Zeppelin and Queen. They are fully 5 feet in height and created from clear acrylic. Here are some images. Click on one and see them full size. To view short videos, scroll down. 


Led Zeppelin acrylic guitar art.

"THUNDERBOLTS AND LIGHTNING" Queen acrylic guitar art.

 Got some ideas right away? Need to ponder it awhile?

To help get you inspired, here are some of the contest prizes (to see larger images, scroll to the bottom of this page). The winners will have the opportunity to choose from a range of artworks! The works shown here are Luminessence Fine Art Mirrors, a combination of functional mirror and art. The center area in each piece is a functioning mirror. For sizes and other information, please go to the Fine Art Mirrors page.  The winners will also have the option of purchasing a work of art from another range of pieces for 50% off the gallery price. To see a collection of these and other works, please visit the Fine Art page on this website. 



To submit your brainstorms, please click  HERE.

I will not share your email or anything else with anybody ever. I also won't harass you with endless junk mail. If you would like to be on my New Works email list, please click  HERE  and send me your information. I will send you occasional emails informing you of new art and new contests. As always, your information will not be shared.

BONUS! During this contest, I am also offering $200.00 to anyone sending me someone who purchases one of my works of art.

I would also like to ask that, as part of your entry, you share this contest with one or more friends via email, Facebook, Instagram or word of mouth. Many brains working as one are often exponentially more creative. 

For more information about the guitars, go to the Flood Guitar Art page.

Thank you for your ideas, they truly are appreciated. It is my intention to discover ways to maintain and enhance sharing, caring and human interaction in business, in hopes that other will feel inspired to do the same.

Jay Roma Lamb


“The chief enemy of creativity is 'good sense'”-- Pablo Picasso

I'm very appreciative of all ideas but someone's got to win, so how do I determine who it is? There's no great mystery here; I will take the submissions and sit down with a few creative thinkers I know and see what seems like it would work the best. I will select up to five ideas from the total submissions. The names of the thinkers who submitted those ideas will be thrown in a hat. There will then be two draws for two works of art, the first name drawn will get first choice of art. All thinkers submitting the same ideas as the ones that are chosen shall also have their names in the draw.


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