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Jay Roma Lamb Art

Art Feels Good

Welcome! Thank you for coming. Here you will find glass wall art, artistic wall mirrors, acrylic paintings, Asian ink paintings and various forms of glass, metal and acrylic sculpture. You can access images and videos of these works from the various tabs above. You can also scroll down on this page to see videos offering overviews of my art, as well as newer pieces I've been working on. 

Too view any of these videos full screen, please launch the video and click on the arrows at the bottom right.

Tian Di (Heaven and Earth) Glass and wood, 76 by 22 inches.

Scintillation Art Mirrors

Queen acrylic guitar art. To see a larger video please go to the Flood Guitars page.

Led Zeppelin acrylic guitar art. For a larger video please go to the Flood guitars page.

"Moons", a sculpture series inspired by the beautiful moon.

Yangshou and Peace Petals ink paintings, a sampling.

Yangshou and Peace Petals in rooms, a brief sampling.

Glass Art music version

Glass Art with descriptions

"Art is not a thing. It is a way." - Elbert Hubbard